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In The News: Consumer Agency’s Funding System Gets Supreme Court Test at Biden’s Behest (Bloomberg)

“The best that can be said here is that the Supreme Court appears to appreciate the gravity of this case and the danger for the CFPB, the Federal Reserve, consumers and overall financial stability,” said Elyse Hicks, a lawyer at the progressive Americans for Financial Reform. “But the justices now need to reverse what the lower courts have wrought, which is already causing trouble.”

In The News: Stablecoins Are Not Worth the Risk (CoinDesk)

For the crypto wealthy, hope springs eternal but the rest of us should be very skeptical. Even after the collapse of many crypto companies erased the industry’s credibility along with a lot of fake and real money, the Republican House of Representatives majority wants to dole out favors for stablecoin issuers, the supposedly durable crypto asset.

In The News: BankThink OCC has identified the problem with big banks. Now it should act (American Banker)

“When the top regulator of the biggest American banks describes the problems that he regularly encounters with them and announces a process for downsizing or even breaking them up, there is reason for optimism. But there is cause for pessimism, too, since that regulator’s agency is historically Wall Street’s biggest friend in Washington” wrote Sarah Pray, managing director for policy at Americans for Financial Reform.

In The News: Decoding Hsu’s Big Speech on Breaking Up Banks (Capitol Account)

“The OCC has a long record of being super-tight with the big banks. The onus is on them to ensure that this plan on too-big-to-manage is not just paper-pushing,” says Sarah Pray, managing director for policy at Americans for Financial Reform. “Process is nice, but results – delivered promptly – that finally end chronic abuse of consumers by too-big-to-manage megabanks would be better.”

In The News: Advocacy Group Calls for Checks on Private-Equity Debt (The Wall Street Journal)

Andrew Park, senior policy analyst for hedge funds and private equity at Americans for Financial Reform and the author of the report, estimates the volume of leveraged loans and high-yield debt outstanding has roughly doubled since 2008, while the volume of direct-lending debt has increased from virtually zero to an estimate of more than $1 trillion.  “The fact is that there is no good way to understand how indebted companies actually are,” [Mr. Park] said. “We have guesses and estimates based on the data out there, but there is no standardized way to look at it.”

In The News: Postal Service will electrify trucks by 2026 in climate win for Biden (The Washington Post)

“The fact that there were no commitments for the vehicles to be union-made is a glaring omission for an administration that prides itself on being union friendly,” said Porter McConnell, campaign director of the consumer rights group Take on Wall Street and co-founder of the Save the Post Office Coalition. “We will be looking to future announcements committing to the Oshkosh and the commercial off-the-shelf vehicles being union-made, which we know is entirely feasible.”